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Tunns of Love (originally Tunns of Style) was created in 2012 by founder and main contributor Lauren Tunney (aka Tunns). Initially it came into exists as a place where Lauren could write fanciful about one of her main passions – interiors! But a couple of children, a few life changing events and loads of personal growth later, Lauren began to question what she wanted her blog to be and more importantly, what she wanted it to achieve.

The answer ended up being simple – love. To encourage and support her audience, and help them develop a strong love of life, love of others and love of the world.

After a name change, quick refresh and a bit of a restructure, Tunns of Love now features three main categories, designed to love our lives in the fullest, love those in our worlds (even the difficult ones) and love that great big world out there.

Love Life
Love life is full of ideas and guide to help you love every facet of your life – your home, work, family, and yourself – physically, mentally and spiritually. We are in this beautiful world for a short time so – love life!

Check out some of our Love Life posts here.

Love People
Our lives, funnily enough, aren’t ours. We are not here for ourselves but to love others. The Love People section of the blog is dedicated to the notion of how we can impact the worlds of those around us – our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, and show true love.

See more about Loving People.

Love the World
Love the World is all about changing our perspective. To look outside of our incredibly blessed lives and make a connection to the world we live in. Through sharing stories from around the world and giving ideas on how to get involved in the global community, Love the World is about being educated, having a voice and taking action.

Find out ways you can get involved.

If you have any questions or feedback about Tunns of Love, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us via our Contact page!


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