Hello……..it’s me.

I was wondering that after all these months if I should write.
(he he..sorry but I love that song).

What has been happening in your worlds? Its been full steam ahead here! With a kitchen reno ticked off, painting semi-almost-a little bit started-a little bit done, Christmas preparations well and truly in full swing, and the usual kids, working, life thrown in the mix, I tell you I am looking forward to some down time over the holidays!

I have also been working on a little side project which I will hopefully be able to share with you all very soon (psst if you just can’t wait, jump over to my Instagram and you might just get a whiff of an idea). It is very exciting!! Something I have wanted to do for a looooong time.

But for now I wanted to share a few pics of our kitchen reno. There a few details to go (painting, lights and flooring) but we are extremely happy! Its is amazing how changing the layout has effected our lifestyle and the way we interact as a family on a daily basis.

The mc-massive island is now the hub of the home. From family breakfast to kids meals and activities, and of course our guests gravitate there, like flies to the preverbal, for a cold beverage and usually a cheese board. Today, I managed to put a weeks worth of the family’s clean laundry folded onto it.

Anyway, just give us the pictures I hear you say…..ok, ok, pushy bunch. He, he…enjoy!

Here is the before (note we had already put in the new servery window at this point)…don’t you just love the 90’s biege. I was super sad to see it go 😦

And the after. Ah my heart is happy!

Bonus – a few of my favourite (well most favourite) elements!


Are you renovating? I would love to see what your up to! Share details in the comments below!!



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