Reno update


I had every intention of keeping you in the loop for all of my design decisions. Driving you crazy with talk of paint colours, laminate V timber V stone bench tops. Agonising over cabinetry handles and waxing lyrical on pendant lights. Giving you every painstaking detail of my inability to make decisions but it turns out (and this is a surprise to me) –  I don’t actually have that problem.

I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted and found fixtures and fittings that fitted in well, were available and are relatively affordable. STFD! (That’s – Shut The Front Door for new players). Who knew! All those years of pinning have finally paid off. So there, anyone who thinks that Pinterest is time wasting!

So where is it all up to?

  • Our fab new servery window is in!
  • Cabinetry signed-off and being installed in just under 3 weeks!
  • Cabinet hardware sorted (and I am, borderline inappropriately, in love with the knobs).
  • Sink and tap purchased.
  • Gas cooker on order.
  • So just need to find some subway tiles and we are literally cooking with gas.

I thought about sharing my design choices with you now but I am going to make you wait and do a big reveal – just like the do in the Block! Tragic I know! (It’s really just a ploy to get you to revisit my blog and boost my numbers!)

I am a wee bit nervous about being without a kitchen for a couple of weeks but I am willing to sacrifice for the greater good! I am so looking forward to entertaining over the summer. With the pool, outside entertaining area and soon to be awesome kitchen,  it’s going to be just a lovely space to bless our friends and family, and just hang out together!

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