It reno time!

For those who aren’t regular readers, my husband and I bought a house in April and we are starting to get serious about doing some renos – Yay McFreakity Yay!

Needless to say I am in my element. If Pinterest was a problem for me before, well let’s just say, pray for me!

Get ready for the onslaught of reno pics as well as probably too much information on every single detail! First up is the kitchen and I am super excited. I was going to keep it a mystery – with a big unveiling but I thought it would be far more interesting for those of you playing at home to go on the journey with me!

Here is what our 20 year old kitchen looks now!

Kitchen Before

The U-shape will be reconfigured to an L-shape bench along the back and side wall, with lower cabinets and top cabinets down one side, and a servery onto our entertaining patio off the other.

The return bench which formed the u-shape will be going and replaced with a decent sized island with two of the most divine pendants ever created! To add a little classic farmhouse style we will have the token butlers sink and gas cooker – which husband is super excited about as he gets to buy a new wok (insert eye roll). There adds another 10 minutes at the butcher.

First to go is the window (as the bench will be built to the servery) which we are hoping will be replaced in the next couple of weeks. So it will soon be actions stations! Brace yourself.

Make sure you are following me on Instagram to see the progress!

Tunns xo



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