Capsule Wardrobe – Half Way Report


A few of my loyal readers (you know who you are) have been asking about the capsule wardrobe! So I thought I would give you a, slightly over, half way report.

All in all, I have found it soooooooo much easier having the capsule wardrobe. Never stuck for something to wear – everything goes with everything! It’s kind of like having a big uniform but with lots of combinations to choose from, saving me time in the mornings not having to think too much about what to wear! Leaving more time for drinking coffee and becoming human.

I have, however, stumbled over a few littles issues to take into consideration when planning for the Spring capsule! I guess I’ll share with you too so you can learn from my mistake (I am such a giver!).

Tip 1 – Transition Pieces

Living in a sub-tropical climate you never truly know when the shift from hot to cold will happen. Just when you think the season has changed, your likely to get a once-in-a-10-year-freaking-hot-day in autumn or winter for that matter. For this reason, I kept out a few “transitional pieces”, as I boxed up all my summer gear. A couple of extra tops to throw on should it get unseasonably steamy!

Tip 2 – Have all the items by the start of the season or you run short

There are still pieces I intended on purchasing before the autumn/winter season but for whatever reason haven’t gotten around to getting. Given the capsule is purposely designed both practically and aesthetically – this left holes in my wardrobe and  resulted compromised outfits! Argh – first world problems.

I blame not creating “The List” early enough and therefor not having enough time for perfect piece hunting. Will not make that mistake again!

Tip 3 – Add an “around the house” category

Even though my outfits were lovely, they were geared towards leaving the house! I ended up pulling out a few old jeans and shirts (and a couple of comfy trackies – I know some of you are shocked!) to wear on the days I was locked away inside, doing housework, playing with kids, covered in what I am hoping was vegemite.

So there you go! A few little tips/mistakes for you to take fourth and learn from! Is anyone planning a Spring Capsule? I have started a Pinterest Board…we should share ideas.


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