Altering your capsule to fit your saving dreams.

My full mid-way capsule wardrobe report will be up later this week but I thought I would share these great tips from therealjlow about budgeting for a capsule wardrobe!

Hope they are helpful!



Altering your capsule to fit your saving dreams.

Whether you are paying off debt or saving up for a big purchase like a house or a car or even a big event like a wedding or having a baby, saving or just spending less and saving more can be incredibly difficult.

When I was younger I vividly remember watching Alvin Hall’s “Your money or your life” and I remember being transfixed as he showed all types of people from different walks of life as to how if they continue the way they are that this could potentially ruin their lives. He was clearly a subscriber to tough love and shock tactics but that coupled with my parents strong beliefs on avoiding debt and I have always been a little bit petrified of over spending. That’s not to say I don’t have debt like most I have student loans but the…

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