3 Ways to Get Passionate


And before your mind goes somewhere it shouldn’t (or should maybe…depending on your relationship status) I’ll clarify, get passionate about a cause.

We have all heard the benefits of being involved in something outside of ourselves, whether it’s a charity, social enterprise or local cause. Deep down we all love to give – time, money, resources. It makes us feel a part of something, like we belong. It makes us feel good. It makes us happier.

But did you know it can also make you healthier. Altrusim is said to reduce stress which in-turn can increase our immune system. Some studies have also shown it to decrease mortality rates! (See this article by the Berkley Wellness Centre) Not a bad couple of bonus’ really!

So what are some ways you can start enjoying the benefits of giving a bit…or a lot if you can!

1. Choose a cause that speaks to you. Maybe its in an area you or someone you know has had experience in – such as a certain illness or disadvantage. If it is something that is close to your heart, you generally wont need any extra motivation to want to get in and help.

2. Research & Sign-up. Look into that area, get educated on what challenges that particular cause might be facing – raising awareness, financial pressure or political barriers. The more you know about the cause, the easier it will be for you to identify how to help. It will also help you in talking to others and getting them to care about your cause too! Sign up to an e-newsletter so you can stay up to date with whats happening, events that are coming up or resources they need.

3. Do. Giving isn’t always about money. While sometimes that might be a real need of a cause, a lot of the time awareness is just as crucial. Getting people to understand the battle organisations are facing, whether its against disease, political repression, environmental protection, humanitarian issues, distribution of knowledge is key to combating problems. This is the part when you jump in and start to get passionate.
Do by:

– Hosting fundraisers
– Donating regularly
– Speaking! The most easiest thing you can do. Be an Ambassador and spread the word about your cause.

Change your perspective on your life by getting passionate about a cause. You will definitely feel happier and you may even be healthier too!


Have some ideas on other ways to get involved? Share them in the comments below – I would love to hear them! I would also love to hear about the organisations you care about, I may be able to feature them on the blog.



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