The “F” Word


There is this great lyric by Emilie Sandè:

“You have a heart as loud as Lions, so why let your voice be tamed”

I love this. The Lion – king of the jungle. The loudest roar of the animal kingdom. No fear. Ready for any challenge that presents itself. Never to back away from an enemy but holds ground – steadfast and courageous.

I would love for this to be me. To still roar loudly no matter of what was in front of me. Always on alert to protect the right order. Fearing nothing or at least not letting it alter my resolve.

But us humans, we scare easily. It’s a good thing we are at the top of the food chain otherwise we would be in trouble!

We may have a heart as loud as lions but we struggle with the roaring part. Fear of backlash, fear of rejection, fear of persecution, fear of looking silly, fear of not being heard.

A deep ingrained fear of doing – anything. Speaking, acting, doing. We all have it. Do you remember being in school, when you would raise your hand to answer a question and then it would rise up? That immediate unease – what if I give the wrong answer, I would seem dumb. What will everyone think of what I say or how I speak? Fear.

That awful little four letter F word that has probably be holding the world back since….well forever.

Fear is such a big obstacle. It’s the enemy’s greatest weapon and our biggest barrier to anything good. Fear can cripple our dreams and cripple anything good in the world. Fear tames our roar.

Loosing someone is a harsh jolt to reality. We live ONCE. ONCE! and it is never long enough. Even when its been 30 years – it feels like it’s over to soon. Since loosing Mum, I have decided that no little F word is going to let me not LIVE! Not ROAR.

Here are my suggestions to break down fear and let your roar rip!

1. Write down what fear is holding you back from.

2. Tell fear to “suck it” and do it anyway.

Maybe people will think you are silly or a try hard or wrong. But you definitely don’t need that kind of negativity in your life so ignore them. Those people are generally either caught in fear themselves or jealous, or both. Greatness lies in doing. Nothing, zip, zero would have ever happened in the world if we all succumbed to fear. Dreaming and fearing is a viscous cycle – one the enemy wants to see you caught in so you don’t do anything amazing.

You have a heart as loud as lions, so WHY let your voice be tamed?



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