Listen to yo’ Mumma!

So you know those things your mum says to you and you think to yourself “yes mum”, “I know mum” but never really take them on board or put them in the nagging box..

Well turns out, for me at lease, I think the mums are on to something.  I was recently thinking about things Mum used to say to me and now that she isn’t here to say it anymore, I have come to realise just how good advice it was. Little gems that really are the foundations to living simply and graciously. Here are a few of my favourite! 

Mind your Ps & Qs

Really there is no excuse for bad manners. Everyone has been taught at some point in their lives to use good manners. Not only does it display your character to others but is also a sign of respect. That you respect this person enough to be polite – whether its deserved or not. Working in PR I often find the use of profoundly good manners (“oh thank you so much” or “please would you mind”) will also work in your favour if seeking something at short notice or to get your brand chosen above others! When dealing with negative people, no one can get mad at you when you are being sickly sweet. So make sure you “mind your Ps & Qs” – it goes a long way.

If you haven’t got anything nice to say – don’t say anything!

Mean things will always come back to you, and while it reflects more on your character than the person you are talking to or about, meanness is just not cool. We are human and sometimes what we think just comes out – I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion and I shudder to think about the impression I left on the person I was talking to or about.  Not to mention the damage it can do to their confidence &/or self esteem. Things we say to others can stick with them for a long time after we have moved on. We don’t know the damage we can do with our words – whether they are intended or not. So choose your words carefully – loose lips sink ships & cause rifts!

Make your bed everyday 

I remember giving my mum so much grief because she insisted on not only having a made bed every day but one worthy of the Home Beautiful cover. She owned more quilt covers and throw pillows than every Pillow Talk in Brisbane. Everyday she would diligently make it – cushions and all, before heading off to work or whatever the days activity was. Why? At the time I thought it was a pride thing but since having my own home and family I think it was because not matter what did or didn’t happen during the day, come bed time she could slide into fresh sheets and enjoy some time in calmness. Now having kids of my own – I do feel more “on top” of everything when I get into a made bed (not that is happens super regularly – sorry mummy) .

And never leave the house with at least a little blush and lippy.

Some would say its vanity or pride but I always feel 100 times better leaving the house on the days I have put make-up on, than on the days I haven’t. I call it confidence. For me, its about having an outwards display of how I feel about myself on the inside, as opposed to an outwards display of how I want people to see me as being on the inside. I think there is a distinct difference. Mum was the same – a bit of tinted moisturiser, blush and always lippy was all you need – she would say.

I’ll end with a quote I have seen floating around the Insta-sphere that I just love, which sums up my view just nicely I reckon! 

In case I never said it when you were here – thanks Mum! You really did know best.

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