The List


Last week I talked about the concept of “capsule wardrobes” a possible solution for my too small a wardrobe for too many clothes problem. In my efforts to apply this theory, I have discovered a few little tid bits along my journey so I thought I would share a few for those of you playing at home.

First of all, I have to tell you about this great blog I stumbled across, Un-Fancy. Its totally dedicated to capsule wardrobes! With tips, tricks and ideas, the girl who writes it, Caroline, has really thrown herself into the concept. Although she is in the US so the seasons are opposite to ours, she has a couple of years worth of posts so there is always something relevant. I got a tonne of ideas from it.

In theory, there should be 37 items to a capsule wardrobe but I have gone with 39 – however since the only difference between an autumn and a winter wardrobe in Queensland is the addition of a trench coat, my capsule wardrobe will be servicing both seasons so I figured I could go slightly over the allocated amount!

So where to start – The List.  I used some of the principles mentioned on Un-Fancy to first create my wardrobe on paper. I used the Rule of Three and took inspiration from some of the items in her “Fall” wardrobe.

I wrote all of these down as one big list. Then I did – The Audit. What items did I already have. Keeping in mind to have one basic item, one classic item and one statement. Surprisingly I did have quite a bit and they fitted in well together. But for anyone starting from scratch I would keep everything pretty simple/neutral and then add personality through jewellery and accessories (which don’t count towards your 37 pieces by the way! Few!)

Then I identified what items I needed. I guess ideally, it’s best to do this a few weeks before the new season starts so you have a chance to hit up sales and buy things out of season when they can tend to be a bit cheaper.

Now that I have my wardrobe list done and my shopping list ready – its time for the hard part. The Clean Out! I know it’s the whole point of the process, to de-clutter and minimise but it will be hard getting rid of things I paid good money for. However I think planning my wardrobes in advance and knowing exactly what I need to buy will save me money and time in the long run, plus since I am restricted to only 37 items I will only buy things I truly love!

xoxo Tunns.

P.S If you are playing along in Brisbane or Toowoomba and looking for a good cause to donate your rejected clothes to, Teen Challenge is looking for donations for an upcoming garage sale. Contact me if you would like more details 🙂


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