It’s just too darn small!

Having just moved into our very first (well that we are living in) home and coming to the inevitable conclusion that my new wardrobe is waaaaaaaaaay smaller than my last one, I think it is time for me to start practicing the less is more theory.


They say when you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear, agonising over which shoes, do those earrings go, is this shirt a little too see through? Not only do your mornings become more efficient but so does your brain! Which is now free to think about important things – like whether I should have a pendant light or a flush mount in the entryway!

Lucky for me, I just stumbled across these simple concepts put together by Apartment Therapy – designed to embrace the less is more concept but still maintaining style!

Anyone care to join me in the challenge? I know for a fact some of my readers could do with employing these few tricks! Yes Belinda – I am referring to you xoxo


2 thoughts on “It’s just too darn small!

  1. Belinda says:

    Aha! My own personal challenge. Accepted! I’m sticking with my coathanger theory. If I run out of coathangers, something has to go. And I’ve just run out.


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