Shake it up: Fitness


Ok -so be honest, who is singing taylor swift right now? Cause the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate….I am just gonna shake, shake, shake

Funny thing is, I actually have been shaking! Shaking up my workouts. For years I have played netball. And while I love it, I have decided its time to, well shake it up!

My sister and I used to play once a week but since the end of the last season we decided to put the Thursday night netball on hold and mix it up. So every Thursday night we book in something different! So far we have played golf & squash – not overly ground breaking I know but they have both been so much fun! We have planned to also do – dancing in the dark (no light, no lycra for anyone in the Brisbane area) and jump ourselves stupid at an indoor trampoline centre. 

Also on the list
– rock climbing
– Baare body (a work out based around ballet)
– Squirmish

And open to any other suggestions anyone has!! I am feeling brave!

I find doing something different challenges you to step outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself. Try something you have no idea if your going to any good at. You might be good at it, you might suck but I guarantee you will feel better in your body and in your spirit. And if all else fails you will have fun and maybe even meet some new people!

What needs shaking up in your life?