Welcome to Tunns of Love


I am beyond excited to finally be sharing with you the new vision for my blog! It looks different, it sounds a little different, it smells different but you know – I think you are going to love it!

So why is it different I hear you say? Tunns of Style was pretty awesome (oh that’s so kind of you to say!). Well over the past 3 or so years I have pretty much blogged about everything – from designer gowns and domestic ideas to art and philosophies about life! While (I hope) these have all been useful, Tunns of Style never really had a goal. There was no vision, no plan, no real theme – just a jumble of ideas and some pretty pictures.

But now there is a vision and, I think, it’s pretty amazing! Given it was Valentines Day yesterday- I thought it was only fitting to announce today, the new vision for the blog – Tunns of Love.

Tunns of Love is about inspiring you, challenging you and loving you! Each section and article is designed to help you love your life in the fullest, love those in your world (even the difficult ones) and love that great big world out there.

Now consisting of the brand new categories – Love Life, Love People, Love the World, Tunns of Love is the place you come to be inspired, to feel good about yourself and to get a new perspective on your life and the world. You can read more about the categories on our about page.

So please stick around – sign up, bookmark, follow and get ready to be inspired, be challenged and be loved! And most importantly – let me know what you think? Its all for you so I want to know if you love it or if you have an idea for the blog- I would love your feedback.