Change is in the air

There is nothing like the start of a new year for some change inspiration!

Did you know most people start looking for a new job in January….why? Because at the start of the year we are staring down the barrel of 365 days of infinite possibilities! The year ahead, quite literally, can be anything we want it to be. It has only just started and we are hungry for it to be different. Full of inspiration from books and beach trips that we managed to take over the holidays, we forget the disappointments of not making things happen the year before and start again.

So, like most, I have also had few epitomes of what 2015 might hold for me – a bigger vision, a bigger closet (I hope!!) and a bigger blog! There a few changes afoot at Tunns of Style…..I wont give too much away at this point but I can tell you there will be some slight design changes (you may have already noticed a few), an expanded range of topics and a whole lot more love!