How to fake being a domestic goddess


5 steps to a cleanish, productive house without being permanently chained to a mop:) Ain’t nobody got time for that.

1. Prevention is better than cure
– set up landing strip or if you have the space a mud room (i love these) before dirt and everything else get dragged through the house. See some of my fav’s here.
– spray shower after use to reduce mould and soap build up (this changed my world)
– spray stains as soon as they happen. Carpet, clothes, anything and everything. Quick action will reduced time spend scrubbing later.
– antibacterial wipes – put them everywhere! I use them ALL the time. In the kitchen/dining area – as I am constantly cleaning up food. The bathroom – great for a quick basin and toilet wipe over. I do a quick clean when the kids are in the bath (and I often find that if I give them a scrubbing brush they become a unwilling participant.)

2. If you really don’t like it either:
A. Find a way to like it (like playing your favourite music while you do it, reward yourself after or do like someone I know and pay yourself to do it), or
B. Just don’t do it. Outsource or delegate – life is way too short to spend time doing things that suck our joy.

3. Know your personalty and get a system that suits it.
If you’re a ‘planner and a scheduler ‘than schedule in that regular time. I begin by writing down EVERYTHING that has to get done – from daily task like washing to twice a year things like cleaning out the linen cupboard. Write next to it the frequency in which in needs to occur and then schedule it. The key to making any system like this work – get ready, cause this will revolutionise your life – is to actually stick to it! It’s never going to work if you don’t do things when the come due. I put them in a diary so I know in advance when I am due to do something and can plan around it. And if you’re not using a diary – well thats a whole other post all together.

If you’re more a ‘do the bare minimum  to scrap by’ kind of person, the set aside 10 minutes a day and just do one activity. Have a rolling checklist of things that need to get done around the house and work down the list. When its only 10 minutes, it firstly reduces the risk you’ll put it off and secondly it can be squeezed in anytime!

If you’re a complete “fly by nighter”, then do your housework when you’re motivated. Like an artist works when they are inspired, you too shall work when the motivation hits. Everything will get done eventually – but I reckon the key is to work until you have used all motivation! Like an old boss of mine used to say – make hay while the sun shines:)

Whatever your personality or system choice – make sure you reward yourself. Focus on what has been achieved, instead of what hasn’t. No one loves doing housework but it is one of those things that if you do feel on top of it, calmness usually follows – and that can only be a good thing.

4. Tackle the washing beast by doing a load a day. I do a load every night  and have a fab little clothes line on the wall of my laundry. Its awesome. I do a load at night after the kids have had a bath, hang it up inside (no stepping on Cane Toads here or worrying if my washing will get rained on) and by the next night it’s ready to pull down, fold and put away, or ready to wear that morning.

5. If all else fails, just make your bed – as long as you have a made bed to come home to, everything else can wait until tomorrow.


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