Loving on the Joneses


After I finished my last post – What is your legacy?, I have really been spending a lot of time thinking about what I am leaving as my legacy. How can I use what Mum passed on to me to bring the same feeling of love to others? While I hope I already pass this on to my friends and family, I really desire to go bigger!

We live in a big world, so big we often feel small. But one way to keep ourselves in perspective is to start living outside of ourselves. Say what? What kind of coo-coo nonsense is that you say. I say – we feel small because we are constantly comparing ourselves to the “rest of the world”, and feeling like we fall short. Yikes! That hurt to write, let alone admit that I am so guilty! I truly believe though, that instead of seeking to create a covetable lifestyle, we can chose to encourage others in their lives and love them because we are all feeling small in this big world together.  There is satisfaction and reward in this, the kind of reward you can’t get from completely re-hauling your lounge room to match the latest cover of Home Beautiful. (Cause I guarantee it will soon bore you and you’ll only want to do it again when the next issue is out!)

So I am kicking off a new series – it’s called ‘Loving on the Joneses’ (see what I did there??). This series is all about spreading the love and impacting others. We all know how great it can feel helping someone out, whether it’s cooking a meal or giving an anonymous donation, it truly is an amazing feeling when you know you have really helped someone or just surprised them just because. It can be someone we know, want to know or a complete stranger!

But this is not a solo series. I want you to join me. Help to spread the love and collectively impact our world. My stories of random love acts will be shared weekly but I would love to hear how you have spread the love! Comment and share your experiences so we can all get encouragement and new ideas.

Break the cycle of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses” and start loving on them instead!



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