What is your legacy?

This post has been on my heart for a while now but it’s one that I had to make sure I was emotionally strong enough to write. For those who don’t know me personally, probably wont know that a month ago my mother passed away.

Whilst this has been a huge sadness to myself and my family, and we are learning how to go about our days without her, it has also been a time that I feel I have learned something about life. Mum died after a very long roller coaster ride of battling cancer. I know most people would say that she lost her battle or might inform people of her passing by saying that “we lost her to cancer” but being a christian I disagree. We didn’t lose her to cancer, she isn’t with cancer. In fact the only thing that cancer got left with was a shell that had no life left to sustain it. So I think the only thing that got lost here – was cancer.

I think Mum won. She is now cancer free, in heaven with the Lord. It might not look like what we thought it was going to look like and there will always be a hole in our lives where she was but for her sake, I am glad she is now cancer free.

But that’s not my revelation about life. As all of our dear friends and family drew close to us over the period of her passing, I heard the word legacy spoken a lot. The lovely man (a very old friend of our family) who performed the service for Mum spoke of Mum and Dad as “friend collectors” and everyone I spoke to all had fond memories of how Mum made them feel. She had a nack of making everyone feel special – like they were family, even if they weren’t genetically related. Friends were family in Mum’s eyes and thats how she treated them.

The legacy that Mum left behind was what she imparted into others. It wasn’t physical things or a long list of accolades and achievements. The things that were most valuable were the feelings left in that hearts of those whose lives she touched. These can never be taken away – not by death, not by cancer, not by anything.

This is what I have learnt. Life is about what you leave in others hearts. Whether they are strangers, acquaintances, friends or family. We are all family in God’s eyes.

What are you leaving in the hearts of those around you.

– In loving memory of Mum-
Her legacy forever in my heart.

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2 thoughts on “What is your legacy?

  1. Deb Venturi says:

    Beautiful words Lauren. Merilyn certainly left us all a legacy. She always made me feel special…maybe like I was her only best friend, but she had so many “special” friends, we were all so lucky to have her in our lives.
    She welcomed my friends who visited, like they were old friends, and all of them have happy warm memories of her. Many have said she was a beautiful, special lady. As we know.
    Not one day goes past where I dont think of her, some days I shed a tear, but maybe I’m just being selfish for me, and what I’ve lost.
    Thankfully she’s at peace now and no longer going through the awful treatment she had to endure. But we will always remember those words ……”I’m OK!”


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