Redefining the ‘me’ time

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If your like me, you have a schedule that could rival the first lady’s. Between working, looking after children, church life, the endless list of chores, play date and parties, a head a-buzzing with a million ideas and projects but zero time to do it, there is barely enough time and brain power to remember our important relationships, our health and all the things that make up our well being.

We all know we need to set aside the me time but even that is stressful. When, where, who will look after the kids! How can we realistically get the ‘me’ time in without sacrificing something else important – like sleep!

Steal minutes

If there is one thing I have had to come to terms with since having kids, is that the ‘me’ time is no longer a large block of time. As kids start to sleep less during the day, I can kiss goodbye those two hours of uninterrupted bliss (which was mostly spent tidying up and doing chores anyway!). Instead, I have had to settle for a combination of minutes spread out over the day. 10 minuets in the shower, 45 minutes in the car driving to work, even the quick 20 minute dash to the shops of the weekend, I am reclaiming as the ‘me’ time. I crank the music in the car (and, yes, I am the one singing at the lights), grab a coffee to walk around the supermarket with on the quick trip or (confession) buy myself a little treat to scoff down in the car on the way home.

Why these won’t make the long list of things to do go away, they can help break up the craziness of it all. And if it does nothing than lift my mood – then we are all better off!

Resist the update

Now I myself have been guilty of this but why, why, do we feel the need to update our status with what we are doing, have down or are thinking of doing that day. Or read what others are doing – constantly! It might be small amounts of time here or there but (and I know this from experience) its all day, most days. Don’t get me wrong – I love social media. Its my job. But I am sure if I added up the hours I had spent even just checking updates, it would not be pretty.

So if you are brave, I am too – let’s put the phones down. Set aside a specific time you will look at it (maybe after the kids are in bed) and every time we think about reaching for it, let that be a reminder for us to focus on something else. A project, a task or simply enjoy spending fun time with the kids without taking a photo of them eating sand.

Go on strike

I literally did this yesterday. Public holiday in Brisbane and in the Tunney house. I decided that no chores were going to be done (with exception from dishes – cause nobody needs to see that sitting there for 24 hours). No washing, no packing up toys. It was great! Took the kids to Queens park (which is fantastic by the way but that’s another post), Sushi for lunch, a sleep for EVERYONE in the arvo followed by a visit to the grandparents which extended to dinner, so husband even got a reprieve from cooking.

It might have only been a day but it felt like a week. Take a day. The washing will still be there tomorrow. And since you’ve had a day off, you might even smile doing it!

Little things really do make a difference. So tell me, how do you find the me time?




One thought on “Redefining the ‘me’ time

  1. Ryan Tunney says:

    Great post Tunns, I totally agree and try to make the most of me time but needs to be not work time either


    Ryan Tunney Mob: 0419 730 387



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