Colour me happy – and win!

Colour. It is one of my favourite things. It is what captivates me about a piece of art, a room, an image on Pinterest.

Now this next statement is going to sound weird but I collect colour palettes. An odd thing to do, I know but you just never know when you might need one.  Whether its for a bedroom makeover, a party theme or invite design or christmas decorations!

And no, I don’t mean the colour paint swatches from Bunnings, although these can be a good resource. I mean I am always on the look out for a colour combo that is unique, interesting and instantly captures. Usually sourced from images on Pinterest but might also be a mag spread, product packaging, an invitation, a bunch of flowers. It can come from anywhere.

So just incase you were thinking of starting your own collection, I thought I would give you a step by step guide on how I pull together and use a colour palette.

1. Find an awe-inspiring image!
Of course I alway go straight to Pinterest (a creature of habit I am!). Here is one I have been crushing on for a while.


2.Pull out the colours that appeal to you

I use Adobe illustrator to do this but you could also use Photoshop or an app like Colour Maker (the app is free but you have to purchase the eye dropper feature to pick up the colours). You might even be able to use a simple paint program already on your computer!



3.  Evaluate – add or remove

Sometimes the colours look a bit busy together or don’t quite have the same impact when sitting flat next to each other, so experiment. Remove colours or switch some out.




Hint: Look for the neutrals that balance the brighter tones otherwise it can look a bit too much…

4. Get your creative on!

Now you can file for later or start getting creative!!! Create a print for your walls (like below), design an invitation or start that bedroom make-over!




Challenge time! In a Tunns of Style first – share your favourite colour palette creatively on Instagram and you could win a framed “Get your creative on” print! Simply share your image using #TOScolourpalette and tag me (@lauren_tunney)! I’ll choose my favourite colour palette and use it to create a custom print just like above!

You must follow me on Instagram to be eligible and sorry but Australian residents only! Competition closes 5pm August 31st 2014.

Happy creating!




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