Home shopping not so lamo

There comes that time every month when the inevitable happens! The husband threatens to cut off all credit card privileges if he sees on more unnecessary expenditure appear before the end of the month roll over. Kill joy 😦

It’s usually around this time I start looking for a few more cost effective ways of continuing to keep my spaces unique and visually interesting! Enter Home Shopping! Turning your house into your own “free” store.

By changing perspective on how we use thing we already own we can still have spaces that are stylish and inspiring on little to no budget at all! Here are a few ways you can start to use your home as the worlds cheapest store.

1. Moving items from one room to another

Sounds to simple to work but it really does.  I am forever moving cushions and art around. Its surprising just how many people comment on something that I really have had for ages but moved from somewhere else. It is the quickest and easiest (and cheapest!) thing to do to change a space.

2. Make your own art

It doesn’t have to be Kandinsky! These days anything goes as art. Old wrapping paper framed. A cheap canvas with some coloured dots or actually use some of those digital photos and have them enlarged. I recently created this master piece with a photo I took in New York. A few minutes in photoshop, $18 to have it printed at k-Mart & an Ikea frame I already had= awesome new print for the living room that reminds me of my awesome trip to the NYC. I also have some pennies I am thinking about framing……..

New york pic

3. Repurpose furniture that you already have or refurb them

This seems like an obvious one but again is a simple way to reinvigorate a space. One of my favourite past times is to search on Pinterest ‘repurposed’ or ‘ikea hack’. There are loads of ideas of reusing items you probably already have. One of my favourites is this – an old dresser turned into an island bench, brilliant!

4. Learn to love paint

This really follows on from the above suggestion but simply painting a piece of furniture can completely change the look and feel of your space. I have a $15 bargain coffee table I got off Gumtree waiting in the garage for a fresh lick of paint, a perfect cheap solution to get a new coffee table and not worry about what the kids might do to it!

5. Create your own swap market with family and friends

I do this a lot! My family and I are often swapping furniture, art, soft furnishing and linen! Thank goodness Mum always buys the good doona covers! Some of my favourite pieces are ones that I have been given from my family. My parents have just given me a drinks cart (which are so IN right now) that they have had for years! Insert point 4. (paint) and I will have one chic landing table for all the family’s bits and bobs! We all like to keep things fresh so don’t be shy about asking if there is anything your friends and family want to trade!

Hope this has given you some inspiration to beat the budget around your place!

Got better ideas? Share – I would love to hear them!

Tunns xoxo



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