If I were……

An Ikea Lamp!

I went to my happy place today. And no, I don’t mean that imaginary island that features a shopping mall with all my favourites (Mimco, Kikki, Witchery) where everything is free, the cocktails are readily available and each day ends with a 3 hour long massage. On no, that happy place is reserved for when I am in the foetal position, rocking in the corner murmuring something along the lines of..make it stop! Don’t pretend we don’t all get there at some point!

I went to my real life happy place -Ikea! My lovely 3 year old happily took himself off to the play room, the one year old chilled out and sucked on a rusk (despite the fact I forgot her lunch) and Mum come along to support my every unnecessary purchase. It was bliss!

I just love wondering around, seeing what’s new and drooling over unrequited love. You know who you are Ikea PS 2014 Low Pile Rug! But what I love most about Ikea is that no matter what your style, you can find something! That range is so big and so different to what you can get elsewhere.

Got me thinking. What’s my Ikea style? Myself, I am a no one style kinda girl. I like to mix old and new. Scandi and industrial and romantic and modern and Hollywood regency….but it I bite off one category at a time maybe I could pin point my Ikea style. So today, it’s lamps!!

Whilst I love the Barometer work lamp, I think for me it’s the Ranarp work lamp. The variation in metal gives it that little bit of added interest whilst keeping a classic look, with a slight hint of Art Deco (another of my favourite styles). The shape of the shade is just that slightly bit more feminine than the Barometer. Yes, I like it!

What would you be?




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