Break the routine…..and get creative!

It’s totally great going to the park with your little ones. They burn energy, get some fresh air and if you’re lucky – you might get a take away coffee to steal sips of in between the gazillionith “Mummy push me higher” and bark eating interceptions!

But every now and then, it’s nice to throw something a bit different into the park/playdate/craft activity monotony..I mean rotation. If you’re like me and like to encourage some creativity in your child’s world, then you can’t go past the free kids exhibits at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). Last week I took my little treasures to the Pattern Bandits exhibit and they loved it!

Jemima Wyman - Pattern Bandits

Perfect for all ages, the exhibit by Australian artist Jemima Wyman is a series of experiences all designed for kids to get immersed in a variety of patterns! Designed to explore how patterns influence who we are, where we live and transform how we see the world, it features a Spinning Wall Mandala Portal where kids can experience optical illusions, a Pattern Action Zone which is a bit of a trip-out for adults but great fun for kids, Kaleidoscopic Tessalations (basically puzzles) and a Harlequin hallway where kids can see their own faces replicated in kaleidoscope images.

The best part is – it’s totally free!  GOMA is located right in Southbank (near Kurilpa bridge) so combined with a picnic in the park and a trip to the playground before tossing in the car to sleep on the way home, its the perfect morning out! Especially as the days start to cool down!

I parked in the convention centre as the gallery car park was full but considering the exhibit was free and the having the convenience of driving to and from- $18 for parking was a small price to pay for my sanity! Oh and the kids enjoyment of course…..

I encourage you – take your kids out to Pattern Bandits! They’ll love it!




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