Let’s get real

A couple of years ago I started this blog. With a love of interiors, art and generally all things creative, I thought it would be a great outlet for my thoughts and ideas. I thought if I was passionate enough I wouldn’t struggle to keep it up to date. I’d find a way to make it happen. Needless to say, reality generally always falls short of even the best of intentions. A full time mother of two and part-time career girl, leaves just enough time for the odd coffee date, church activity and sometimes even sleep. Pinterest dates are usually around nap times and are about 1/100th the amount of time they used to be, leaving the hunt for interesting, stimulating content as easy as searching for the dummy on my hands and knees at 2am in a pitch dark room whilst trying to keep the baby from waking the 3 year old. Also known as IMPOSSIBLE.

In addition to a complete lack of time, there is the guilt factor. Guilt for doing something else rather than updating the blog, guilt for updating the blog instead of something else and the guilt of indulging in something some might see as trivial. I have for a while felt that some might see an interest in interior design materialistic, unnecessary or even superficial, and I think some people do take it to that degree so that has held me back too. I don’t believe these traits are inherently in my nature and they are definitely not aligned with my beliefs but I am human and therefore worry about what is perceived by others.

So recently, I put myself in timeout and had a really good think about why I have such an interest in design and interiors. What keeps pulling me to look, think and feel about the creative realm. And apart from clearly being wired by God as a right brainer, which is what attracts and maintains my interest, it comes down to my values and my gifting and how I can use that to contribute to those around me. I have art in my house to inspire my children to be creative,  to inspire those that visit and to remind me of important milestones. I want to turn our bedroom into haven so the time my husband and I do spend together is relaxing, inspiring and refreshing. I want my laundry to be organised and pretty so I actually want to do it for my family! Cause sometime I think they should be thankful I even brought them cute clothes!

I believe a home should work to suit your needs, lifestyle and reflect your values and beliefs. It should be functional but also inspiring, there shouldn’t be a compromise. A functional home without aesthetics is like watching a music video without the sound on. You might know what happening but you wont bop along to the song stuck in your head all day. You can live comfortably and go through the motions just fine but seeking real inspiration will determine how you face your days and circumstances, bringing joy to your day to day life.

Its not about taste or trends. Its about what inspires and how is fits within my lifestyle. I think glass coffee tables look great but in my household would be a guaranteed trip to the emergency room. And I am sorry but anyone that uses a random branch as decoration to “warm up” a room, clearly doesn’t have a 3 year old who WILL use it as a sword and potentially take out an eye = another trip to the emergency room. Oh and Sharpie does not come out of a linen sofa, even with bleach. Lesson learnt.

But putting aside guilt and the stone cold fact that is has been well in advance of six months since my last post, I can’t deny – I love it.  I love design and creative living. I love writing. And I have missed it.  So I am not going to commit to any kind of regularity but I am committing to not being done yet. Join with me, as I try to navigate interiors and the sorts, and steer TOS into an honest, practical and a real life blog. With only a mild scent of lusting over things – just cause they’re pweeetty!!!




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