Loving Geometric!

I have managed to go at least 2 years without being sucked into the vortex that is The Block. Normally I like a bit of “realism” with my reality TV opting for shows more along the lines of Selling Houses or Grand Designs but with the series going “sky high” this year – resistance was futile. As of last sunday I am officially a block-head! The Foxtel has been series linked to record every minute of air time and I have selected my favourites. John and Trixie from QLD! Not just because of they are from Queensland (although I am sure that’s why they are so lovely), nor because they won the penthouse but because I just love their approach to the show as much as I love Trixie’s taste!

The hotel room suite they deliver for the first challenge was inspired! Loved the colours, loved the styling and loved, loved, loved the geometric print on the bed.

John and Trixie’s winning hotel suite on The Block

Normally I tend to stick with the more feminine patterns but how they used a bold geometric print here has been inspiring! Breaking it up with blocks of colours – neutral, pastels and neon – just makes it work beautifully! I am feeling brave enough to try and integrate into our house. Here is some further inspiration to help you feel brave too! Tunns xoxo

Geometric Prints

1. hylyoxrype Throw Pillow – $20 USD Society 6

2. Shibori Quit Cover – $34-$119 West Elm

3. Pink Triangle Print’ by twoems – $23 USD Etsy

4. Crystal Print Scarf – $49.95 Witchery



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