Press this!

I love the fact that my friends will often send me a text message or run up to me when they see me next cause they have seen or come across something they know I will appreciate. So when my friend B interrupted her lazy Sunday afternoon lunch to text me an image of the beautiful press tin roof where she was eating, I knew it needed its own dedicated post!

Personally, I have be in loved with the sophisticated femininity of pressed tin ever since becoming mesmerised by Dr Nina’s pressed tin apartment wall in the Australian drama Offspring. But Bs text has reignited my interest in the material and how I could possibly get it into my home – given an entire wall covering is out of the question!

So after a bit of Pinterest surfing and Googling, and would you believe an old fashioned magazine flip, I have come up with a few ideas on how to integrate this wonderfully ornate material into your home, without breaching any rental agreements.

1. Bed Heads

Let’s face it, if there is any room of the house you can get away with an over the top, glamorous style – the bedroom is it! It’s our sanctuary so why shouldn’t it feel special.

Pressed Tin Head Board

Pressed Tin Head Board

I just love the simplicity of the styling of this bed, complemented perfectly with the intricate detailing of the pressed tin. Did someone say classy!

2.  Drawers.

So in the same week as Bs pressed tin alert the new addition of Real Living arrived in my letterbox featuring – yep you guessed it, pressed tin! I loved their suggestion of creating a new look for a set of drawers using perfectly painted pressed tin. Click on the image for complete DIY instructions.

Real Living's - DIY Pressed Tin Drawers

Real Living’s – DIY Pressed Tin Drawers


3. Embossing

Technically this last suggestion isn’t pressed tin but it’s the pressed tin effect easier and a lot cheaper!

Mint embossed iPhone case

Mint embossed iPhone case

Pretty Peach-All Occasion Blank Card Embossed Lace and Doily $4us.

Pretty Peach-All Occasion Blank Card Embossed Lace and Doily $4us on Etsy.

Tiffany embossed cupcake

Tiffany embossed cupcake! Perfection!

Just quietly – anything that combines Tiffany’s, cupcakes and the pressed tin look, has got to be genius!






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