Love is in the air – 3 meaningful ways to celebrate Valentines Day!

That’s right people it’s Valentines Day! And just in case you are like me and a trip to the shops means rushing to get everything before a little person wants out of the stroller, leaving absolutely no time to see the over the top displays of cards, gifts and overpriced flowers – you will have prepared nothing!

Never fear, I have 3 simple Valentines Day ideas guaranteed to ensure a loving day for you and your other half. For me and my husband, Valentines Day has always been more about gestures than gifts. That way we focus on doing something that shows our love and appreciation for each other and not what dollar value we think they are worth. This year we are planning on ordering some yummy Thai food, after the aforementioned little person is in bed, and we are going to enjoy a romantic dinner for two! One that no one had to cook with no cooking dishes – yay! I am going to set the table – complete with candle light, good silverware and even wine glasses (granted I will only be drinking water but it will feel like I am drinking wine!).

Thus leading to my first idea to woo your loved one!

1. Romantic dinner for 2 at home!

Think loads of candles  & fairy lights. The food doesn’t have to be fancy – take a leaf from our book and get take out or cook your other half’s favourite meal (if you have the time)! But make it special by setting the table, dressing up and put on some music.

If family constraints mean you can’t have dinner, what about a dessert picnic after the kiddily winks are in bed!

Dinner for two!

Dinner for two!

2. The art of the written word!

Put pen to paper and write your Valentine a love letter! Tell them what you love most about them, maybe do a cute little “top 10” or recount your favourite memory together and include some tid bits they didn’t know! Like what you were thinking or what you did before/after. Pop it into there lunch bag, car seat or somewhere they might find it later during the day. Perhaps get some nice stationary or simple plain parchment and let your words be all that is needed. Try to avoid the email – even if it was pre-conceived  and written in advance, it will still look like you banged it out when you got to work and remembered it was Valentines Day. Simply taking the time to sit and write a letter is a romantic notion on it own.

Love letter

Love letter

3. Speak!

Here is a simple yet meaningful thing to do on Valentines Day – speak to your partner. Tell them you love them, why you love them! Call them during their day and let them know you miss them or spend the night in the tub discussing your life together and what your looking forward to in the future! Some of my fondest memories of me and my husband has been the simple discussions about our lives. What our future holds or to reminisce when we first met. It takes our lives out of the nitty gritty of the everyday and helps us to put where we are at that moment in perspective – lets us see the big picture. If you do nothing else this Valentines – do this one!

My husband and I on our beautiful wedding day!
(Image by First Glimpse Photography)

Happy Valentines Precious!




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