Mid-week Naf Fest – Surviving the Floods

Most of you would be aware but for those who of you who aren’t, the city where I live (Brisbane, Australia) was hit but a cyclone last weekend. The horrific storm hit the majority of the east coast of Queensland and Northern NSW, causing widespread destruction and flooding.

Myself and my family were thankfully unaffected with only some road blockages and loss of internet for a few days. There have been those that have lost power for days, experienced major damage due to fallen trees and worse flooding. Some have lossed their homes and tradically 6 people have lost their lives. Only 2 years after we had seen the worse flooding in 30 years, I never expected to see it so soon. The images never get any less shocking. My thoughts and prayers go to everyone who has been affected by natures unleashing.

Given the restrictive internet access, this has also meant that I havent been able to post anything for a few days, so I apologise to my loyal readers! I am sure you understand though ๐Ÿ™‚ I have found a good positive mid-week naf fest that I hope lifts everyones spirits!

The residents of Queensland have shown time and time again that they are one big family!



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