Happy Australia Day!

Over the past week as I have been thinking about todays post and trying to solidify what essentially is “Australia’s style”, I was beginning to think that Australian style was all about laid back, social, opening plan living – being the social butterflies we are and our love of a good barbie (BBQ not the doll for anyone reading from outside Australia). However it has occurred to me that Australian style is just like like Australia’s culture – its everything.

What makes Australia and Australians so appealing is the “whatever” approach to our lives and lifestyle. Its not a “whatever” we dont care what everyone else likes or does, it’s more  an understanding that we are a diverse country. With so many cultures all coming together, Australia has the benefit of a rich, diverse culture – where the phrase “whatever floats your boat” is all about embracing the notion that we are all different and have different background and cultures, and therefor will have different taste and lead different lifestyles. And that’s “cool” with us. Whether you embrace the Scandinavian minimalist style, Asian symmetry and simplicity or Hampton beachy chic or a combination of everything – that’s “cool” with us.

Australian homes - entertainng

Australian Homes – 79 Ideas

Australian homes - outdoor living

Australian Homes – Design Hunter

Australian Style - Vintage eclectic

Australian Style – Vintage eclectic

I see Australia (and I would hope that there would be plenty of Aussies that agree) as the place to come when you feel you dont fit elsewhere. We are so blessed with abundant space, a strong economy and so many rights and privileges (many others go without) – to shameless quote Paul Hogan (it is Australia Day after all) there is always room for one more “snag on the barbie’, another type of food to add to our extensive collection of restaurants or a new influence to add to our style. If you want to be here, we welcome you, your style- and we’d love to show you a good time!

There are not too many other countries that can boast the same approach to life. No matter how your spending this Australia Day, here or around the world, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tunns xoxo



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