In the Navy!

So either I have a gift for predicting the next big trend or I am just making stuff up but I think Navy – the colour not the government funded and run defence force – is about to have a moment.

Ever since I saw Real Living’s 2012 June cover with that amazing navy, teal and vibrant pink artwork – I cant stop thinking, seeing and wanting everything in delicious inky navy blues! Like just after you get pregnant all you see is pregnant women – all I see is Navy! It’s everywhere – fashion mags, home wears, artwork – the list goes on! Although it is a classic that really never goes out of style, a tried and tested old-faithful, I still feel that its going to dominate in the next season! Here is just a snippit of some of the evidence I have collected!

Real Living's June 2012 Cover

Real Living’s June 2012 Cover

OPI - Russian Navy

OPI – Russian Navy

Navy Velvet Couch

Navy Velvet Couch

Navy Blazer

Great Navy Blazer – So Chic

Need I go on? Ok – in case you were still doubting my giftedness, I have put together a Pinterest Board with more Navy inspiration! If your not following me on Pinterest – FOLLOW ME! And if you’re not on Pinterest – I am sorry we can no longer be friends.

Ok that’s all the convincing I am going to do and I will leave you with this – whether it’s paired back with neutrals for a classic nautical look or contrast with a bright pink or yellow (um hello!!!) it’s a fail safe decorating option!





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