Bringing Tunns of Style in 2013!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a great break and festive season and are ready dive into another year of style! I myself have just happily rejoined normal life after 10 days camper vanning around New Zealand with my husband and 21 month old. While I love spending time with my family and New Zealand is an amazing country to see, having to live in such a restrictive space for 10 days really cemented for me that I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. I definitely like, sorry did I say like – I mean LOVE, my creature comforts which I have now renamed my bare minimum essentials. All of you non-campers out there will know what I am talking about – air conditioning (or in this case heating), pillow top Queen size bed and PRIVATE ensuite bathrooms. And the only time I find coined operated washing machines acceptable is if you live in New York city – PERIOD.

Queenstown, New Zealand

The view out over Queenstown and the beautiful Lake Wakatipu

Mt Cook

Mt Cook

What the simplicity of a camping lifestyle did give me though was plenty of time to ponder the year ahead and really set some goals for myself. While you dont need to hear all about my goals to spend more time with my husband and the empty promises of cleaning out my cupboards more frequently, you will want to hear about what I have planned for Tunns of Style! The first goal I have set is to post more regularly  so I have created an editorial calendar for the next couple of months so none of you will ever go too long without reading my extremely well composed, Pulitzer prise worthy posts.

I will also be introducing a new series profiling upcoming and established artists. Each month we will delve into what make these creatives tick and what inspires them, with the first of the series coming later this month – I will leave the artists name a surprise! Later this month we will be looking at unique Australian style to coincide with Australia day, and of course there will be the usual updates on cool products, great buys and Tunns of Style!

Stay tuned for what should be a stylish year!!!




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