It beginning to look a lot like…..

CHRISTMAS!!!!! Yay! I love christmas! I love the time with friends and family, waking up Christmas morning and digging into presents, eating way to much but still having room for one…ok two servings of Mum’s chocolate banana mousse but what I love most about Christmas is the decorations!!! I usually start in about September thinking about what theme I will have for the year and start researching ideas that will go with my theme! Garlands, tree ornaments, oh and the wrapping! Can’t forget the wrapping! I just love giving beautifully wrapped gifts and seeing them all pilled up under the tree in perfect cohesion! Its just so festive! I get little thrills when the Ikea christmas catalogues arrives in the mail! and this year’s hasn’t disappointed!

I was very excited to see that Ikea will be stocking loads (well they were until my mum and I visited a couple of weeks ago) of decorations that fit this years theme of “Rustic meets vintage charm”!

Here are some findings that have inspired my “Rustic meets vintage charm” theme!

Homemade Star Garland

Gorgeous paper origami boxes!

Recycled book gift tags

I am actually making some tags inspired by this look using gift tags I got off ebay and these awesome letter stamps I also got off ebay for $5! Will throw up some pics when they are ready!

Old sack stocking!

These are too cute and would be super easy to make!

I just can’t go past Ikea’s wrapping this year!

So, are you all feeling inspired?

What style will your halls be decked in this year? Traditional? Colourful? or all out Tacktacular! Would love to hear (and see) what kind of christmas bomb will be exploding at your place!

Happy decorating!


Hmm so now i have the decorations and wrapping sorted…….I should probably buy some presents to actually wrap…………….



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