I am still here!

Apologies for the lack of blog lovin over the last few weeks! I have been quite ill! Bed ridden and experiencing bodily functions that this little blogger is too polite to write about! But I am on the mend and back ready to bring you more beautiful finds!

Speaking of beautiful finds, I am hoping that my dear and talented friend, the Founder and Creative Director of Baroque Studio, Miss Emily Taubert, has time to bring us some beautiful finds while she spends the next week and a bit trolling the streets of Paris! She did say that she would try and bring us some french inspiration so I am hoping that by publishing this to the world wide web she will feel slightly obliged! He he he….. love ya Em!

Just incase she falls into a macaroon induced sugar coma I decide to bring to you some french inspired living spaces – just to keep you going! Jouir!

What more french than this vintage looking mirror

Bon Appetite

Can you believe that headboard is a DIY Job! So chic!

Oo i just love french interiors! Will be checking my email regularly Miss Em! No pressure!

Au revoir for now!




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