Art, I like to make Art!

Art, I like to make Art! This can often be heard sung around our house, courtesy of our 18month old’s love of the cartoon Small Potatoes! But we (and really I mean I) really have a genuine love of art however I am always perplexed as to how to arrange it. I guess you could call it a lost art of hanging art! I have a growing collection of prints, photos and may I even plug my own work and say “original pieces” but collectively I cant get the mix right and therefore they stay framed against a wall for “another day” or even worse – in the mailing tube they arrived in! Eek art sin!

I think its time I put in the effort and actually hung some! And thankfully I just stumbled across Apartment Therapy’s “Art Above the Sofa” post! How timely!

Love this!

Granted I wont be hanging anything above my sofa as it juts out into the middle of the living room but I think this provides some great ideas. I do have a hallway that is begging to be turned into a mini gallery!

Would love to see any mini gallery’s you have curated!





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