From Parkes’ Perch to Perfection

My husband and I recently lucked out BIG time. My sister moved! Now its not as it sounds! The journey to her place has only increased by 2 minutes – from 5 to 7! But the combination of both her stuff and her partners stuff means we scored an early 19th century drop sided table that belonged to our great grandmother and formally served as a perch platform for my sisters pet cockatiel Parkes!

The new addition to the dining room was the catalyst we needed to remove the dining setting we were “table sitting” for friends who have moved to London…and I suspect wont be back to collect for some time…which had become – lets say disjointed from our evolving style! We couldn’t get it and its 6 matching chairs in the garage quick enough!

I have long been an admirer of the older style table paired with more modern chairs so I knew exactly the chairs I wanted! This table was special and I knew nothing other than Eames DAW Eiffel Wing Shell armchairs would cut the mustard! I was ecstatic when I found them at this GEM of an online shop called Relax House for significantly cheaper than other more popular replica furniture distributers that I am way too polite to mention.

I ordered last Sunday and by Wednesday night they were sitting majestically nestled into my table while I stood next to it jumping up and down like a 10 year old who just found out they were going to Disneyland! As a Marketer by trade there is nothing more satisfying when a customers expectations aren’t just meet but exceeded! My bar is high and I was definitely not disappointed. It was so easy to order, I got a discount on my freight, it arrived in 3 days and there was a free travel mug in the box! And the chairs were exactly what I wanted – winning!

Enough babble – all you want to see is the table right! I give you what you want.

Antique table with Eames Eiffel Wing Shell chairs

Antique table with Eames Eiffel Wing Shell chairs



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