that moment when you figure out you could have been doing something a different way and it would’ve have cut the time it took you to do it by 90%

Pink & Orange Geometric Print

Just keeping in theme from “Your Rainbow Panorama” yesterday – these bright colours just boost my mood instantly! Love it!


Yeah so that was me just now. or this week I guess. So for all the products I’ve put on my zazzle site, I’ve made each and everyone individually…adding names individually, adding tags individually, adding prices, categories, changing the shape adding descriptions…all individually. As you can imagine this took quite a long time. HOWEVER, I have just discovered that if I had simply taken the time to READ INSTRUCTIONS I could’ve learned how to “quick create” 10 times the amount of products in a fraction of the time. That’s a wonderful moment. I guess I’ll just carry on and try not to think about all the wonderful time I’ve wasted in the past….*sigh*….

On the bright side, this new quick create function has allowed me to create…wait for it…. OVER 1000 PRODUCTS! I’m so excited! mostly because I’ve heard from other sellers that once you reach that number you should…

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