Redefining the ‘me’ time

Rose Gold Watch - Lovisa

If your like me, you have a schedule that could rival the first lady’s. Between working, looking after children, church life, the endless list of chores, play date and parties, a head a-buzzing with a million ideas and projects but zero time to do it, there is barely enough time and brain power to remember our important relationships, our health and all the things that make up our well being.

We all know we need to set aside the me time but even that is stressful. When, where, who will look after the kids! How can we realistically get the ‘me’ time in without sacrificing something else important – like sleep!

Steal minutes

If there is one thing I have had to come to terms with since having kids, is that the ‘me’ time is no longer a large block of time. As kids start to sleep less during the day, I can kiss goodbye those two hours of uninterrupted bliss (which was mostly spent tidying up and doing chores anyway!). Instead, I have had to settle for a combination of minutes spread out over the day. 10 minuets in the shower, 45 minutes in the car driving to work, even the quick 20 minute dash to the shops of the weekend, I am reclaiming as the ‘me’ time. I crank the music in the car (and, yes, I am the one singing at the lights), grab a coffee to walk around the supermarket with on the quick trip or (confession) buy myself a little treat to scoff down in the car on the way home.

Why these won’t make the long list of things to do go away, they can help break up the craziness of it all. And if it does nothing than lift my mood – then we are all better off!

Resist the update

Now I myself have been guilty of this but why, why, do we feel the need to update our status with what we are doing, have down or are thinking of doing that day. Or read what others are doing – constantly! It might be small amounts of time here or there but (and I know this from experience) its all day, most days. Don’t get me wrong – I love social media. Its my job. But I am sure if I added up the hours I had spent even just checking updates, it would not be pretty.

So if you are brave, I am too – let’s put the phones down. Set aside a specific time you will look at it (maybe after the kids are in bed) and every time we think about reaching for it, let that be a reminder for us to focus on something else. A project, a task or simply enjoy spending fun time with the kids without taking a photo of them eating sand.

Go on strike

I literally did this yesterday. Public holiday in Brisbane and in the Tunney house. I decided that no chores were going to be done (with exception from dishes – cause nobody needs to see that sitting there for 24 hours). No washing, no packing up toys. It was great! Took the kids to Queens park (which is fantastic by the way but that’s another post), Sushi for lunch, a sleep for EVERYONE in the arvo followed by a visit to the grandparents which extended to dinner, so husband even got a reprieve from cooking.

It might have only been a day but it felt like a week. Take a day. The washing will still be there tomorrow. And since you’ve had a day off, you might even smile doing it!

Little things really do make a difference. So tell me, how do you find the me time?



Colour me happy – and win!

Colour. It is one of my favourite things. It is what captivates me about a piece of art, a room, an image on Pinterest.

Now this next statement is going to sound weird but I collect colour palettes. An odd thing to do, I know but you just never know when you might need one.  Whether its for a bedroom makeover, a party theme or invite design or christmas decorations!

And no, I don’t mean the colour paint swatches from Bunnings, although these can be a good resource. I mean I am always on the look out for a colour combo that is unique, interesting and instantly captures. Usually sourced from images on Pinterest but might also be a mag spread, product packaging, an invitation, a bunch of flowers. It can come from anywhere.

So just incase you were thinking of starting your own collection, I thought I would give you a step by step guide on how I pull together and use a colour palette.

1. Find an awe-inspiring image!
Of course I alway go straight to Pinterest (a creature of habit I am!). Here is one I have been crushing on for a while.


2.Pull out the colours that appeal to you

I use Adobe illustrator to do this but you could also use Photoshop or an app like Colour Maker (the app is free but you have to purchase the eye dropper feature to pick up the colours). You might even be able to use a simple paint program already on your computer!



3.  Evaluate – add or remove

Sometimes the colours look a bit busy together or don’t quite have the same impact when sitting flat next to each other, so experiment. Remove colours or switch some out.




Hint: Look for the neutrals that balance the brighter tones otherwise it can look a bit too much…

4. Get your creative on!

Now you can file for later or start getting creative!!! Create a print for your walls (like below), design an invitation or start that bedroom make-over!




Challenge time! In a Tunns of Style first – share your favourite colour palette creatively on Instagram and you could win a framed “Get your creative on” print! Simply share your image using #TOScolourpalette and tag me (@lauren_tunney)! I’ll choose my favourite colour palette and use it to create a custom print just like above!

You must follow me on Instagram to be eligible and sorry but Australian residents only! Competition closes 5pm August 31st 2014.

Happy creating!


Home shopping not so lamo

There comes that time every month when the inevitable happens! The husband threatens to cut off all credit card privileges if he sees on more unnecessary expenditure appear before the end of the month roll over. Kill joy :(

It’s usually around this time I start looking for a few more cost effective ways of continuing to keep my spaces unique and visually interesting! Enter Home Shopping! Turning your house into your own “free” store.

By changing perspective on how we use thing we already own we can still have spaces that are stylish and inspiring on little to no budget at all! Here are a few ways you can start to use your home as the worlds cheapest store.

1. Moving items from one room to another

Sounds to simple to work but it really does.  I am forever moving cushions and art around. Its surprising just how many people comment on something that I really have had for ages but moved from somewhere else. It is the quickest and easiest (and cheapest!) thing to do to change a space.

2. Make your own art

It doesn’t have to be Kandinsky! These days anything goes as art. Old wrapping paper framed. A cheap canvas with some coloured dots or actually use some of those digital photos and have them enlarged. I recently created this master piece with a photo I took in New York. A few minutes in photoshop, $18 to have it printed at k-Mart & an Ikea frame I already had= awesome new print for the living room that reminds me of my awesome trip to the NYC. I also have some pennies I am thinking about framing……..

New york pic









3. Repurpose furniture that you already have or refurb them

This seems like an obvious one but again is a simple way to reinvigorate a space. One of my favourite past times is to search on Pinterest ‘repurposed’ or ‘ikea hack’. There are loads of ideas of reusing items you probably already have. One of my favourites is this – an old dresser turned into an island bench, brilliant!








4. Learn to love paint

This really follows on from the above suggestion but simply painting a piece of furniture can completely change the look and feel of your space. I have a $15 bargain coffee table I got off Gumtree waiting in the garage for a fresh lick of paint, a perfect cheap solution to get a new coffee table and not worry about what the kids might do to it!

5. Create your own swap market with family and friends

I do this a lot! My family and I are often swapping furniture, art, soft furnishing and linen! Thank goodness Mum always buys the good doona covers! Some of my favourite pieces are ones that I have been given from my family. My parents have just given me a drinks cart (which are so IN right now) that they have had for years! Insert point 4. (paint) and I will have one chic landing table for all the family’s bits and bobs! We all like to keep things fresh so don’t be shy about asking if there is anything your friends and family want to trade!

Hope this has given you some inspiration to beat the budget around your place!

Got better ideas? Share – I would love to hear them!

Tunns xoxo


If I were……

An Ikea Lamp!

I went to my happy place today. And no, I don’t mean that imaginary island that features a shopping mall with all my favourites (Mimco, Kikki, Witchery) where everything is free, the cocktails are readily available and each day ends with a 3 hour long massage. On no, that happy place is reserved for when I am in the foetal position, rocking in the corner murmuring something along the lines of..make it stop! Don’t pretend we don’t all get there at some point!

I went to my real life happy place -Ikea! My lovely 3 year old happily took himself off to the play room, the one year old chilled out and sucked on a rusk (despite the fact I forgot her lunch) and Mum come along to support my every unnecessary purchase. It was bliss!

I just love wondering around, seeing what’s new and drooling over unrequited love. You know who you are Ikea PS 2014 Low Pile Rug! But what I love most about Ikea is that no matter what your style, you can find something! That range is so big and so different to what you can get elsewhere.

Got me thinking. What’s my Ikea style? Myself, I am a no one style kinda girl. I like to mix old and new. Scandi and industrial and romantic and modern and Hollywood regency….but it I bite off one category at a time maybe I could pin point my Ikea style. So today, it’s lamps!!

Whilst I love the Barometer work lamp, I think for me it’s the Ranarp work lamp. The variation in metal gives it that little bit of added interest whilst keeping a classic look, with a slight hint of Art Deco (another of my favourite styles). The shape of the shade is just that slightly bit more feminine than the Barometer. Yes, I like it!

What would you be?


Break the routine…..and get creative!

It’s totally great going to the park with your little ones. They burn energy, get some fresh air and if you’re lucky – you might get a take away coffee to steal sips of in between the gazillionith “Mummy push me higher” and bark eating interceptions!

But every now and then, it’s nice to throw something a bit different into the park/playdate/craft activity monotony..I mean rotation. If you’re like me and like to encourage some creativity in your child’s world, then you can’t go past the free kids exhibits at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). Last week I took my little treasures to the Pattern Bandits exhibit and they loved it!

Jemima Wyman - Pattern Bandits

Perfect for all ages, the exhibit by Australian artist Jemima Wyman is a series of experiences all designed for kids to get immersed in a variety of patterns! Designed to explore how patterns influence who we are, where we live and transform how we see the world, it features a Spinning Wall Mandala Portal where kids can experience optical illusions, a Pattern Action Zone which is a bit of a trip-out for adults but great fun for kids, Kaleidoscopic Tessalations (basically puzzles) and a Harlequin hallway where kids can see their own faces replicated in kaleidoscope images.

The best part is – it’s totally free!  GOMA is located right in Southbank (near Kurilpa bridge) so combined with a picnic in the park and a trip to the playground before tossing in the car to sleep on the way home, its the perfect morning out! Especially as the days start to cool down!

I parked in the convention centre as the gallery car park was full but considering the exhibit was free and the having the convenience of driving to and from- $18 for parking was a small price to pay for my sanity! Oh and the kids enjoyment of course…..

I encourage you – take your kids out to Pattern Bandits! They’ll love it!


Let’s get real

A couple of years ago I started this blog. With a love of interiors, art and generally all things creative, I thought it would be a great outlet for my thoughts and ideas. I thought if I was passionate enough I wouldn’t struggle to keep it up to date. I’d find a way to make it happen. Needless to say, reality generally always falls short of even the best of intentions. A full time mother of two and part-time career girl, leaves just enough time for the odd coffee date, church activity and sometimes even sleep. Pinterest dates are usually around nap times and are about 1/100th the amount of time they used to be, leaving the hunt for interesting, stimulating content as easy as searching for the dummy on my hands and knees at 2am in a pitch dark room whilst trying to keep the baby from waking the 3 year old. Also known as IMPOSSIBLE.

In addition to a complete lack of time, there is the guilt factor. Guilt for doing something else rather than updating the blog, guilt for updating the blog instead of something else and the guilt of indulging in something some might see as trivial. I have for a while felt that some might see an interest in interior design materialistic, unnecessary or even superficial, and I think some people do take it to that degree so that has held me back too. I don’t believe these traits are inherently in my nature and they are definitely not aligned with my beliefs but I am human and therefore worry about what is perceived by others.

So recently, I put myself in timeout and had a really good think about why I have such an interest in design and interiors. What keeps pulling me to look, think and feel about the creative realm. And apart from clearly being wired by God as a right brainer, which is what attracts and maintains my interest, it comes down to my values and my gifting and how I can use that to contribute to those around me. I have art in my house to inspire my children to be creative,  to inspire those that visit and to remind me of important milestones. I want to turn our bedroom into haven so the time my husband and I do spend together is relaxing, inspiring and refreshing. I want my laundry to be organised and pretty so I actually want to do it for my family! Cause sometime I think they should be thankful I even brought them cute clothes!

I believe a home should work to suit your needs, lifestyle and reflect your values and beliefs. It should be functional but also inspiring, there shouldn’t be a compromise. A functional home without aesthetics is like watching a music video without the sound on. You might know what happening but you wont bop along to the song stuck in your head all day. You can live comfortably and go through the motions just fine but seeking real inspiration will determine how you face your days and circumstances, bringing joy to your day to day life.

Its not about taste or trends. Its about what inspires and how is fits within my lifestyle. I think glass coffee tables look great but in my household would be a guaranteed trip to the emergency room. And I am sorry but anyone that uses a random branch as decoration to “warm up” a room, clearly doesn’t have a 3 year old who WILL use it as a sword and potentially take out an eye = another trip to the emergency room. Oh and Sharpie does not come out of a linen sofa, even with bleach. Lesson learnt.

But putting aside guilt and the stone cold fact that is has been well in advance of six months since my last post, I can’t deny – I love it.  I love design and creative living. I love writing. And I have missed it.  So I am not going to commit to any kind of regularity but I am committing to not being done yet. Join with me, as I try to navigate interiors and the sorts, and steer TOS into an honest, practical and a real life blog. With only a mild scent of lusting over things – just cause they’re pweeetty!!!



Mid-week Naf Fest: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That  Art Print – $20.80 Society 6

What is Mid-week Naf? Well ordinarily I find those little quotes on Facebook a bit naf but earlier this year I decided that sometimes we all need a bit of naf in our lives! So every mid-week I aim to bring you a little bit of inspiration/wisdom/giggles to brighten up your week!

Fit out your bedroom for spring with Urban Outfitters

Can you believe spring is just around the corner? I believed it today when I broke a sweat pushing little Elise up a hill in what felt like 30 degree weather! So in perfect timing for a spring clean or as I like to call it – spring redecorating, Urban Outfitters is having a great sale on their home wares. I am particularly fancied with the idea of a new dooner cover myself! Not that I will be using a dooner for much longer if todays weather is an indication of a sizzling summer!  Check out their sale here!

Plum & Bow Overdyed Floral Quilt

Heaven on a bed – Plum & Bow Overdyed Floral Quilt ($119 on sale)