Mid-week Naf Fest: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That  Art Print – $20.80 Society 6

What is Mid-week Naf? Well ordinarily I find those little quotes on Facebook a bit naf but earlier this year I decided that sometimes we all need a bit of naf in our lives! So every mid-week I aim to bring you a little bit of inspiration/wisdom/giggles to brighten up your week!

Fit out your bedroom for spring with Urban Outfitters

Can you believe spring is just around the corner? I believed it today when I broke a sweat pushing little Elise up a hill in what felt like 30 degree weather! So in perfect timing for a spring clean or as I like to call it – spring redecorating, Urban Outfitters is having a great sale on their home wares. I am particularly fancied with the idea of a new dooner cover myself! Not that I will be using a dooner for much longer if todays weather is an indication of a sizzling summer!  Check out their sale here!

Plum & Bow Overdyed Floral Quilt

Heaven on a bed – Plum & Bow Overdyed Floral Quilt ($119 on sale)

Rock the clock!

If you want to brighten up your walls but don’t feel confident in the art stakes – how about a funky clock?

Of late I have been a clockhead since falling head over heels for this little number on huntingforgeorge.com……..

Penny Clock – $169

…and it has struck me that clocks are often something that get neglected. So I have put together a few funky finds to brighten up your walls! Just because it reminds you that your running late, doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous! Enjoy!

Taming the PIN

How to stop pining and start doing!

By now most of you know that I am a self-professed Pinterest addict. And by some of the activity I see, so are some of you.

I love getting up in the morning and scrolling through my homepage to see what inspiration Pinterest has for me today. Only after feeding children, changing nappies and, if I am lucky, making a cup of tea! But I have come to realize that I have committed one epic Pinterest FAIL. I pin but I do not do! Yikes! Actually feels kinda good to have that off my chest.

Go on, admit it. We have all fallen pray to the ‘pin now, do never!” So I have decided to put together this little guide to help myself (and hopefully you) to make use of all those beautifully categorized pinned delights!


I can feel myself going into withdrawal already but if I am ever going to find time to actually make that magnetic make-up storage board out of a cookie tray, I need to spend less time pinning. I can commit to limiting to 15 minutes a day – no less! See Step 4 for an exception!

Step 2

Every Sunday night, spend 5 minutes scrolling through YOUR PINS ONLY and select one pin to use that week. It might be a new recipe to try, something to sew, a book to read or an outfit to source. If you find you have time to complete more than one, than do it! I find that limiting myself to one task at a time can really help me not to feel so overwhelmed with ideas which stops me from ever starting anything!

Step 3

Make a plan to do it! Pick a day and time to complete it and block the time out in your calendar. Set a reminder on your phone or tablet if you need to. Add any materials to your shopping list or source what you need to start. If it’s an ongoing project like planning a party – select one idea that you can make happen that week ie. Make a banner or order/make invitations.

Step 4

What I love most about Pinterest is how inspiring it can be. When I am not looking for anything in particular just flicking through and being inspired by colours, interiors, quotes, ideas for the kids and even recipes (although I am definitely not a cook). Give yourself one good block of time once a week just to absorb what the world is pinning!

Before beginning ticking off all those pin-to-dos why not have a pin cleanse? Apartment Therapy has a great cheat sheet on making your pin boards more functional – check it out here!

Stylish Keepsakes

What a fantastic idea. I have piles of keepsakes (maps, newspaper, tickets), from our travels, that I have had every intention of putting into some awesome forms of display and yet here they still lie – in their piles!

This is achievable – I think…….

Keepsake 2

Visit www.marthastewart.com for full instructions on how to make them…….(if you need it!)

Tea that packs a punch!

Shut the front door! Neon teacups!

I am in awe. This is taking my neon obsession to a whole new level!

Such a random but completely wonderful combination – too bad they are sold out :( Will add to the stalk list for restock.

Fluro Cup & Saucer from Hunting For George

Check out huntingforgeorge.com for their unique range of homewares (I will be adding one of their divine wooden clocks to my wall very soon!) and mens, womens and kids clothing and accessories.